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Online Shopping

Online shopping, is the wave of the future. With an ever-increasing cost of gas and today's hectic lifestyles, people just have less time to shop. Shopping online can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week and now there are online shopping malls that offer rebates to shop and some merchants like 'Senco Alankar' even offer free shipping. Why would anyone want to shop any other way?
Senco Alankar started an online shopping mall portal to allow everyone to shop great name brand stores and get great prices from purchase they make. In the mall there are many stores covering many different categories. It's sure to satisfy almost everyone's shopping needs.

If you prefer shopping big name department stores to smaller specialty shops, Senco Alankar offers shopping through stores like Bowbazar Store , Salt Lake Store, Baguiati Store, Jadavpur Store and Sodepur Store. If you had a tendency to shop our stores anyway, you may as well go through an online shopping mall and get cash back.

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