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Astrological Stones

Gems cannot be worn indiscriminately. People generally use diamonds and other precious stones by embedding them into rings, bracelets, and necklaces simply because they like the particular gem, and desire to wear it. This is not correct. Each gem has a certain effect upon the individual, and wearing the wrong gem can result into undesired effects. Fundamentally, there are nine gemstones for the nine planets present in our constellation.
Preferably, the stone should be flawless. The purer the stone, the better its influence and effects. It should not have any cracks within its structure. Poorly formed or flawed stones create negative or undesirable effects should the wearer should have the stone examined by a specialist who can determine its purity. In addition, the person ought to wear the particular stone recommended for him or her. The stones should be worn in a manner such that they remain in contact with the skin. There should be a physical contact between the stone and the skin.

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